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About Company

Bio Dynamics is respected as a long standing supplier

Since its inception in 1967, Bio Dynamics specializes in the sales, marketing and distribution of medical and scientific equipment and consumables in Namibia.

With efficiency as our biggest priority, we make use of the latest technology to ensure that we provide a high quality service experience. We have implemented an automated call system to ensure that every customer enquiry is handled efficiently and within an acceptable time frame. The software also allows for automated service scheduling and facilitates the availability of a full service history on all equipment, that we support.

Focus markets for our company includes government- and private sector hospitals, operating theatres, nursing practitioners, general practitioners, medical specialists, pharmacies, laboratories, academic institutions, mining establishments, veterinarians and allied healthcare providers throughout Namibia.

Our technical division is an integral part of our business, to guarantee long term success in the industry. Our biomedical engineers and -technicians are trained by the manufacturers where possible and provide prompt service, supported by sufficient critical spare parts stock holding in Windhoek, as well as specialist support from our preferred suppliers.

With our technicians on standby we ensure quick turnaround times and minimal equipment down time.

Bio Dynamics is an equal opportunity employer and we support Vision 2030.

Our Vision & Values

Caring excellence for a healthy, reliable and sustainable environment, where the family can grow old together.


The price of success is hard work and dedication to the job at hand: It is the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves, in every situation.


We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.


The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his moral integrity and ability to affect those around him positively.


Achievement of happiness is the only moral purpose of life and, that happiness (not pain or mindless self-indulgence) is the proof of moral integrity: Since it is the result and proof of loyalty towards the achievement of ones’ values.

Mission Statement

Bio Dynamics pursues opportunities in the medical and scientific fields, develops these and aims to perform its activities to the satisfaction of our customers, employees, shareholders and principals.

We strive for caring excellence through a healthy balance between customer expectations and return on investment.

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