Scientific Products

Scientific Products

At our scientific division we understand that when it comes to operating a laboratory, the main priority is to get accurate results as quickly as possible and, on a cost-effective basis.

We supply a comprehensive range of solutions to laboratories, from basic glassware, tests and reagents to sophisticated analysers and capital equipment. Because reliability is of paramount importance, we only supply products from reputable manufacturers, that are trusted for quality, efficacy and durability.

Our dynamic sales team is regularly trained on the products that they promote. To ensure that they are regularly updated by our product manufacturers, product specialists from our principal suppliers regularly perform training sessions with our sales team, on all of the latest developments.

We also employ highly skilled application specialists to assist our customers in making the right decisions, when selecting the products they require. This ensures that the products they purchase perfectly matches the specific needs of the laboratory.

Whether you need diagnostic testing for patients or analytical testing for your laboratory, we have the right solutions that will ensure quality results and efficient turnaround times.

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